TechTacToe Camps

Technological literacy is becoming as important as knowing how to read & write. The mission
is to spread this knowledge through high quality, kid friendly classes that motivate & get young minds excited
about technology, computers and science. Classes are designed to engage children in multiple ways: from
conceptualization to design, ultimately building life-skills such as problem solving, logic, & creativity. Programs are presented in a kid friendly way & tailored to their abilities. Make great use of video game programming and other fun computer-based programs, as this allows children to learn the way they learn best: playing!

Please bring a peanut-free snack & beverage and a USB Jump Drive to save your work.

Automotive Engineering – from Supersonic to Solar

Ages 7-10 Rosebrook Park BLDG $110
#1606.455 M-Th, June 12 - 15 1:00-3:50pm

Start your automotive engineering career early by building cars of the future! Learn about the basic physics that act on cars, potential/kinetic energy & much more! In this Watt-astic camp you’ll engineer Dragsters that reach 300 mph! (at scale), a solar powered car, super safe cars with dummies to test & much more! Best of all, you get to take tons of projects home! Bring a Lego Minifigure for a surprise project! Get your creative engineering mind “rolling”!

Ultimate 3D Animation

Ages 8-11 Rosebrook Park BLDG $115
#1606.456 M-Th, June 19 - 22 9:00-11:50am

Animation is fun, animation is cool! Ever wondered how those amazing computer animated films are created? Learn how to computer animate yourself? In this class you’ll learn to use
a professional grade 3D software (that was actually used to create the Toy Story movie) to create fun Minecraft & Pokémon inspired characters that move in a 3D virtual space.

Advanced Jr. Robotics

Ages 6-10 Rosebrook Park BLDG $99
#1606.457 M-Th, June 26-29 9:00-11:50am

Using the latest WeDo 2.0 system that Lego has to offer, ignite the STEM spark in your child with this amazing camp. Fostering their natural curiosity; kids work in pairs to explore
logic, pattern recognition & math concepts as they get challenged in building increasingly sophisticated designs, develop basic programming techniques using custom-made
programming blocks in PCs. Hands-on experience effectively using gears, axles & connector blocks in the robotic challenges.

Ultimate Minecraft Game Design

Ages 6-8 Rosebrook Park BLDG $115
#1606.458 M-Th, June 26-29 1:00-3:50pm

Kids learn to use MinecraftEDU as a platform to create & change new astonishing realms as you learn to use tools like Redstone & command blocks. MinecraftEDU teaches kids about
engineering concepts, spatial reasoning & more. Enhance your Minecraft experience. Basic Windows skills required

Video Game Design – on kid friendly Macs

Ages 7-10 Rosebrook Park BLDG $110
#1606.459 M-Th, July 17-20 9:00-11:50am

Learn how to create your very own video games. Technological literacy is becoming as important as knowing how to read & write. What better & more exciting way to start
learning programming than by creating, designing & programming your very own video game?! In small teams, kids will immerse themselves in friendly programming language
as they follow step-by-step instructions to create video games. This class is ideally suited for kids with little or no previous programming experience & uses kid friendly
Macs. Program can be downloaded for free at home. Basic keyboarding skills required.

Jr. Engineer: Battle Bots

Ages 6-9 Oasis Park BLDG $105
#1606.460 M-Th, August 7-10 1:00-3:50pm

Have a blast engineering amazing battle bots to battle other teams! With tons of gears, Lego Technic pieces & moving parts for you to lay hands on, small teams will create their very own
Remote Control Battle bot, rescue bot, racing car and more! Battle your friends, improve your design & test again. An awesome way to enjoy a fungineering Summer!
Click here to register online, call 651-792-7110 or stop by Roseville City Hall, Parks and Recreation department, 2660 Civic Center Drive.