City Priority Plan

Throughout 2015, the City Council discussed and reviewed priorities for the City to focus on in 2016. The result of this discussion was a priority plan the generated the strategic priorities in the areas of housing and economic development and infrastructure sustainability.

In order to implement these priorities, the City Council identified the following strategic initiatives under each strategic priority:

Housing and Economic Development Strategic Initiatives
  • Focus on Southeast Roseville
  • Foster Twin Lakes Redevelopment
  • Create Move-Up Housing Opportunities
  • Increase Residential Housings Values
  • Facilitate City-wide Economic Development
Infrastructure Sustainability Strategic Initiatives
  • Categorize Infrastructure Condition
  • Ensure Capital Improvement Funding
The final version of the 2016 City Priority Plan was approved by the City Council at the December 7, 2015 meeting.

The Priority Planning Process began in February of 2015 with a Draft Policy Priority Planning Document, which was discussed and refined at several City Council meetings during the year before production of the final 2016 City Priority Plan.

2016 Priority Plan Updates