Right-of-Way Permit

Online Permits: Now Available!

The City of Roseville has launched a new online permitting system for your convenience. After creating a free user account, residents and contractors can apply for permits, pay fees online, request inspections, and get email updates of review progress and permit issuance.

Right-of-Way Permitting

Any work performed in the City of Roseville within the street right-of-way requires a permit. Right-of-way is the property on which the street is located and that extends behind the curb approximately 10 to 15 feet.

Roadway jurisdiction dictates which agency you would contact for a permit. There are 3 roadway agencies in the City of Roseville: Roseville, MN / DOT or Ramsey County. Please consult the Roadway Jurisdiction Map (PDF) to determine the jurisdiction of the right-of- way you are going to be doing work in. Contact the right-of-way (ROW) Permit Coordinator with any questions.

Completed permit forms can be emailed or faxed to 651-792-7040 for approval.


Hole $400 per hole
Trench $400 plus $0.40 per lineal foot of trench
Boring $400 plus $0.40 per lineal foot of boring
Curb Cut $50
Penalty Twice the amount of standard permit

Obstruction $50 plus $0.06 per lineal foot
Roll-Off Container
$25 plus $25 per week of extension
Twice the amount of standard permit

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