Live @ The Rog! Performances Series

The full lineup for this year's Summer Entertainment: Live @ The Rog is now set! Just click on a month over in the left-hand column to explore all the offerings or click one of the links below. And check out the Summer Roll-in Movies, shown outdoors under the stars at the OVAL. Bring your own lawn chairs, blankets and snack!

This summer we debut our new "Creative Crossroads" initiative. We will continue to feature a different world region each week, now with the goal of illustrating similarities and differences across cultures through comparable performance styles. (For example, compare the drumming styles of West Africa, Japanese Taiko, and Caribbean steel drum music.) In addition, the former Mosquito Bluegrass Jam will be replaced with the broader theme of "Made in America." This will give us the opportunity to feature a wider assortment of performance styles originating in the United States.