Save the date for Rosefest 2019!

June 24, Parade plus June 26-30 and the July 4 Party in the Park

Preliminary plans are outlined on the pages for each date. Just follow the link in the column to the left to get an idea of what's in store this year. Full details will be posted later this spring.

Rosefest celebrates the community traditions of health and wellness, arts and entertainment, fun and fresh air for people of all ages. There are Rosefest events for everyone, including the annual Rose Parade and culminating with the Party in the Park on the 4th of July. There are events for those who like to be active and events for those who like to watch. There are events for adults, events for kids and events for the whole family. There are events to learn, but especially there are events to just plain ol' have fun!

Click here for slideshows of past Rosefest events, in the Rosefest Photo Gallery.

2019 Rosefest Presenting sponsor:

Genisys Credit Union