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 Volunteering with the City of Roseville offers hundreds of opportunities to make a difference in our vibrant city and in the lives of those who visit, work and live in Roseville. Volunteering offers endless potential to engage with others who care about the same things you do, utilize existing skills and build new ones, and feel the satisfaction of expanding community resources through your contributions of time and talent.

Whether you are looking for one-time, on-going or project-based volunteer opportunities, there is an avenue for you to engage. We welcome individuals, families and groups of all sizes to discover the possibilities of volunteering with the City of Roseville. 

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Roseville is proud to be the first city in the country certified as a Service Enterprise by Points of Light. A Service Enterprise is an organization that fundamentally leverages volunteers and their skills across all levels of the organization to successfully deliver on its mission.

Volunteer Survey

Volunteer participation has become an increasingly critical component of City of Roseville programs and operations in recent years. Engaged volunteers contribute thousands of hours every year, expanding what the city is able to accomplish. In order to foster an environment of continual process improvement for the Roseville's Volunteer Program, the City surveyed its volunteers during the summer of 2017. The goal of the survey was to determine if volunteer resources were being leveraged to the best extent possible, and whether or not the volunteer experience was a positive one for the individuals donating their time. An executive summary of the survey is available below.

2017 Volunteer Survey Report

Volunteer Opportunities


Partner with city staff to keep things running smoothly and efficiently. There is an on-going need for the following:
  • On-call special projects
  • Out-going phone calls - Friendly follow-ups and check-ins with other volunteers.


  • Review specific areas of interest and serve as an advisory body to the city council
  • Provide a method for citizen input on topics of interest
  • Commissions include Ethics; Finance; Human Rights, Inclusion and Engagement; Parks and Recreation; Planning; Police Civil Service; and Public Works, Environment and Transportation
  • Three year commitment and monthly meetings for most commissions

    Commission Application

    Marketing / Outreach

    • Public Speaking - Help spread the word about all that Roseville has to offer, as a community member and a volunteer.
    • Writing - Your writing skills will be put to good use in interviewing and documenting citizen contributions to the community.
    • Photography - Join the Photo Posse. Help create a photo record of the many community events that take place across Roseville.
    • Donation Procurement - Enjoy reaching out to area businesses? Partner with city staff to secure contributions that bring value added elements to the hundreds of events that happen throughout the year.
    • Poster/Flyer Hanging - Help get the word out about all the fabulous and fun events and opportunities hosted by the City of Roseville. Assist in hanging flyers in businesses and public areas around the city or your neighborhood.

    Parks & Recreation

    • Park Beautification/Gardening - Join the dedicated crew who work to keep our parks, Arboretum, Nature Center, orchard, and boulevards clean, fresh and blooming.
    • Working with Kids - The Roseville Parks and Rec team have a calendar of programs and opportunities that engages hundreds of community youth every month of the year. And they can’t do it without volunteers like you!
    • Sports - Looking for a way to enjoy your favorite sport in a new and rewarding way? Volunteer to assist in leagues, classes and programs offering a number of sporting activities.
    • Special Events - Roseville has hundreds of events and celebrations, offering opportunities to learn about a variety of topics, have fun and just plain celebrate with the community. Event volunteers make it happen while having FUN!
    • The Harriet Alexander Nature Center (HANC) - An oasis nestled within the borders of Roseville’s Central Park, HANC offers year-round environmental education programming and opportunities for people of all ages and abilities. HANC is also the sight of numerous special event celebrations throughout the year. Volunteers assist in a variety of ways, from special events to programming to staffing the front welcome desk.
    • Natural Resource Restoration - The City of Roseville is in the midst of an exciting and comprehensive plan to partner with residents and visitors to restore and maintain the native habitat of our expansive park and public land areas. Non-native species and other factors can erode and crowd-out native species, negatively impacting plant life, animal habitat and feeding, water quality and other quality of life factors. Volunteers are critical in pulling buckthorn, planting seedlings, and spreading native seeds. Future volunteer work events will include an educational component regarding native species and their impact, and a progress report on efforts underway in Roseville.

    Community Policing

    • Citizen Park Patrol - Help keep parks safe and user friendly by monitoring parks and assisting park visitors.
    • Reserves - Help expand Police Department resources by assisting during times of high need such as parades, festivals and in the event of disaster, such as damaging storms.

    Create Your Own

    Have a specific skill or interest you’d like to explore? Let us know what you are looking for and we’ll work with you to find a fit!