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All Roseville City Council meetings are open to the public and include time for public comment. Meetings are held at Roseville City Hall, 2660 Civic Center Dr., and begin at 6 p.m. Meetings are also shown live on cable channel 16 in Roseville and streamed live on the Internet. A video archive of City Council meetings is also available.

Preliminary 2020 Budget, Tax Levy Approved by City Council

September 23, 2019

The Roseville City Council approved a preliminary property tax levy increase of 5.1 percent for 2020 during its Monday, September 23 meeting. The 5.1 percent increase is now the maximum amount the City Council can raise the 2020 property tax levy.

State statute requires cities to adopt a preliminary tax levy and budget by September 30 for the upcoming fiscal year. Once the preliminary levy is adopted it can be lowered, but not increased.

Additional upcoming meetings featuring 2020 budget items include a review of proposed 2020 utility rates on November 4 and the final 2020 budget (truth-in-taxation) hearing on November 25. The City Council will vote on Roseville’s final 2020 budget, tax levy and utility rates on December 2.

The levy approved by the City Council will generate $22,641,770, with approximately $12.4 million coming from residential properties in the city. The total 2020 levy is an increase of $1,090,120 compared to the 2019 property tax levy.

The impact on residents will vary depending on a property’s value and change in value compared to 2019. Based on expected rise in property values of about 6.7 percent, the levy increase on the median-valued Roseville home, valued at $272,000, will see monthly property tax average $85.41, an increase of $6.27 per month.

The City Council also adopted a preliminary city budget of $62,538,655. The preliminary budget adopted by the Council is an increase of $7,031,515 compared to Roseville’s 2019 budget. It continues to fund all existing city programs and services, eliminates the city’s reliance on cash reserves to balance the budget, covers inflationary costs for staff and equipment and the addition of public safety personnel.

The bulk of the increase, however, is due to higher capital replacements, including $5 million in planned improvements to the Guidant John Rose OVAL, for which the city will be seeking state funding.

City Manager Patrick Trudgeon
Presents 2020 Preliminary Budget

August 12, 2019

Investing in our existing assets and public safety personnel was the theme of City Manager Patrick Trudgeon’s 2020 preliminary budget recommendation to the City Council.

The $62.6 million budget calls for the city to increase its capital outlay by more than 60 percent in 2020 to $15.5 million. The vast majority of the recommended $6 million increase is a one-time $5 million investment in necessary infrastructure maintenance to the 26-year old Guidant John Rose MN OVAL. The city is also seeking state funding for the OVAL improvements.

Overall, the recommended budget represents a total increase of approximately $7 million compared to 2019. In addition to the one-time capital outlay for the OVAL, the 2020 budget continues to fund all existing city programs and services. The bulk of the remaining budget increase compared to 2019 are due to inflationary costs for staff and equipment and additional public safety personnel.
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2020 City Manager Recommended Budget

Request For Council Action (PDF)
Recommended Budget PowerPoint Presentation (PDF)
City Council Meeting Budget Presentation - starts at 34:17 (Video)

Revenue Sources

Roseville homeowners will be asked to contribute $12.5 million in residential property taxes according to the 2020 recommended budget. This represents an increase of about 5.5 percent compared to last year’s levy. Residential property taxes fund approximately 20 percent of the city’s annual budget.

Revenue for the remaining $50.1 million in the budget will come from commercial property taxes, license and permit fees, charges for services like recreation programs, user charges for water and sewers, intergovernmental sources, court fees, and interest earnings.
2020 Budget Funding Sources

What is a Preliminary Budget?

A preliminary budget, sometimes referred to as a recommended budget, is a balanced budget presented to the City Council by the City Manager. It’s essentially a starting point from which council members work to arrive at a final budget for the following fiscal year. The final vote on adoption of Roseville’s 2020 budget will take place in December.

2020 Budget Meetings

July 15 - Review general budget, legislative impacts and tax base changes
- Presentation of 2019-2039 Capital Improvement Plan
- Discussion of City Council budgetary goals
August 12 City Manager recommended 2020 budget presented to City Council
Sept. 16 Receive budget recommendations from Finance Commission
Sept. 23 Adoption of Preliminary Budget, Tax Levy and EDA Levy
Nov. 4 Review proposed 2020 fee schedule and utility rates
Nov. 25 Final 2019 Budget Hearing (Truth-in-Taxation hearing)
Dec. 2 Adoption of final 2020 budget, tax levy and utility rates, and EDA tax levy