Solar Energy

City Hall Solar Panels

iDeal Energies started construction on the Solar PV System on January 14, 2019 for City Hall and the Fire Station.  The first phase (DC components) of the project includes setting up the racking and the solar panels, and should be complete by January 18, 2019.  The second phase (AC Components) will consist of connecting the solar panels to the City’s electrical system/meter, and this will also take approximately 1 week.  Xcel Energy will inspect the project 4-6 weeks after the AC work is complete, which could make the system operational in March or April.  The Public Works Solar PV System is still be designed and permitted.
City Hall Solar 2
City Hall Solar 1
City Hall Solar 3


City of Roseville staff and Public Works Environment & Transportation Commission (PWETC) is currently studying the utilization of solar energy to help reduce demand on non-renewable energy sources.  City staff has met with different solar representatives from installers, financers, non-profit organizations, and the state to look at different options that are available.  Each option presents different paybacks periods, upfront costs, long-term maintenance, grant funding, etc.  These options will help determine the best course of action to help reduce city energy costs over the next 20 years.

The city is also studying the Community Solar Programs.  Through these programs, an entity can install larger solar arrays on rooftops, or ground mount systems.  Roseville residents, businesses, faith organizations, etc., could purchase a share of the solar garden to help offset their demand on the non-renewable energy.

Solar Energy Rebates

The Minnesota Department of Commerce has announced a new program of rebates for installing solar energy systems in single-family and multi-family residences.  For information on this program and all kinds of energy topics, visit the department website at MN Department of Commerce.

Photos courtesy of Falcon Heights


Clean Energy Resource Teams

The Clean Energy Resource Team program connects citizens with resources to help them with clean energy projects in their own communities. For more information, please visit their website at MN CERTs.

To learn more about solar energy, view the MN Department of Energy training videos:
    I. Solar 101 for Local Government
    II. Local Solar Ordinances
    III. Understanding the Solar Regulatory Landscape
    IV. Introduction to Solar Project Finance
    V. Local Solar Policies and Programs
    VI. Installing Solar on Municipal Facilities