Private Hydrant Inspections


Section 508 of the State Fire Code requires that all fire hydrant systems (public and private) need to be inspected yearly and repaired if needed.  All hydrants must be in working condition at all times.  In 2016, the City of Roseville began actively enforcing this requirement for public safety by amending City Code 801.25.


In the first quarter of the year, property owners will be notified of the annual inspection requirement.  Property owners will have an opportunity to apply to have the City perform this inspection for a fee which will be added to their utility bill.  Applications must be received by May 11.  Private property owners can elect to have their hydrants inspected by licensed contractors and submit the inspection form to the City prior to August 1.  Forms can be submitted electronically to  Hydrants not inspected by this date will be subject to inspection by the City with applicable fees assessed to the property owner.


For questions about the private fire hydrant inspection program contact Public Works at 651-792-7004.